Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brad Benson Hyundai

The reason for this blog:

Brad Benson has been a pain in my side for a long time, even though he is a former New York Giant and Superbowl champion. He may have good deals on cars, but one thing is for sure: He is not funny. He never was and never will be.

This commercial is a classic example of Brad Benson's humor, and a prime example of why he should leave the "comedic" aspect of his ad out of it. He has good points about his dealership and makes some pretty good offers for people to come buy his cars. Great. He even has a decent gimmick for getting customers to come in. But that's where it should have ended. He doesn't need to comment on any affairs in the media. He's not Conan O'Brien (although at this stage neither is Conan O'Brien). Topical humor barely has a place in this world as it is. Leave it out of car commercials.

Advice: Brad, stop doing your own commercials. You're not funny or interesting in any way. Just get an announcer to do your commercials for you, like Major World (which for some reason I cannot find their ad to post).