Thursday, March 18, 2010

Buffalo Wild Wings - NCAA

It has been a while since my last post, but this commercial had to be commented on.

It is absolutely amazing. It has just about everything- and it doesn't resort to having attractive women to promote it. And it's a BAR!

Guy getting blinded
Guy running into a pole
People cheering for injuries
Guy getting hit in a sensitive area (always entertaining)
Guy getting hit in head following the sensitive area (also always funny)

Overall, this commercial does its job and gets me to laugh every time.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Audi Green Car

This is my first post of many on this year's Superbowl commercials

I teach a class in a high school on dystopian societies. A dystopia is the opposite of a utopia. In other words, it is a completely flawed world. We discussed in class that often a dystopia will result from the government going above the rights of people and having its citizens in constant fear of breaking the law.

I know this commercial is meant to be humorous, but "going green" has gotten so ridiculous already that this commercial is not so far off from where we may be getting to. Police going through garbage, arresting customers on the checkout line and surveillance of a man in his kitchen aren't as far away as we think.

Every decade has its "end of the world" theory, and it's always seen through its pop culture, including its Superbowl ads. Two classic examples of this are two ads that Apple ran in the 80s when everyone was scared of the USSR and the lack of individuality we all thought Russia had at the time. These commercials usually reflect societies thinking at the time, and this one just scares me.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

IO Caribbean Rap

The bane of my existence

I despise this commercial with a passion. There are a myriad of reasons for this. Here are a few:

1) Why does the guy start in a house that is blown up by a canon ball?

2) Why do the girls constantly change outfits? Mermaids? Lifeguards? Beach goers? What are they?

3) Why is there a man dressed like a dragon in the water singing the bridge while having his tail attacked by a pirate who for some reason believes that the best method to defeat a dragon by not actuslly making any contact between the sword and the dragon's tail?

4) Despite this being a terrible visual ad, it does come with a catchy song which makes me spontaneously break into it when I find myself spacing out. Yes, that's what it's supposed to do, but I hate it for that. It becomes an earworm and only causes me to hate this commercial even more.

I can't stand this commercial and it is the reason that i will never EVER be an Optimum customer.

Bud Light: Paper or Plastic?

OK, this is an oldie, but a goodie.

Bud Light: Paper or Plastic?

OK, obviously the point the commercial is trying to make is that the Bud Light was more important to these guys than the toilet paper. However, one thing that always bugged me about this was that they had like 15 items that they put into the cart the first time around. What was so important that beats out toilet paper and beer (two of life's necessities)?

I tried to pause it a couple of times just to see what they "needed" over the essentials and I could make out some chips, a can of tomato sauce, some cookies and a box of cereal. These groceries should not beat out any one of the two remaining items. I guess this could theoretically be an ad for any of the previous items as well.

There is actually a little more to this commercial than the clip has. In the end, the cashier asks the guys if they need a receipt, which they grab without hesitation.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brad Benson Hyundai

The reason for this blog:

Brad Benson has been a pain in my side for a long time, even though he is a former New York Giant and Superbowl champion. He may have good deals on cars, but one thing is for sure: He is not funny. He never was and never will be.

This commercial is a classic example of Brad Benson's humor, and a prime example of why he should leave the "comedic" aspect of his ad out of it. He has good points about his dealership and makes some pretty good offers for people to come buy his cars. Great. He even has a decent gimmick for getting customers to come in. But that's where it should have ended. He doesn't need to comment on any affairs in the media. He's not Conan O'Brien (although at this stage neither is Conan O'Brien). Topical humor barely has a place in this world as it is. Leave it out of car commercials.

Advice: Brad, stop doing your own commercials. You're not funny or interesting in any way. Just get an announcer to do your commercials for you, like Major World (which for some reason I cannot find their ad to post).